Chevy Tahoe

by Mike Tanner
(Perris California)

I have been dabbling with HHO on my Tahoe for the last 9 months. I first started my quest by building my own generator, a Smack Booster, using simple parts I could buy at my local hardware store (Lowes) I was able to manufacture a highly productive HHO generator.

I stumbled across your site and purchased several items that were hard to find or difficult to build myself.(Map Sensor Enhancer, check valves and Viton orings) The Map Sensor enhancer was a great product and boosted my mileage from 14 mpg to 21 mpg! I was so excited! For 2 months things were going good until my booster began to show problems, I found myself working nights and weekends on voltage wires, replacing fuses, re-adjusting electrolyte levels and leaks due to the high amperage the unit would pull. My wires were burning up!

After a while I began to lose my enthusiasm and zest for my project. I finally decided to either give up or reach into my pocket one more time and give this one last try. I purchased and installed your Revolution Smart cell and was impressed with the quality and performance of the system. I am now getting 26 mpg and the unit has been trouble free.

I am now looking to purchase a FS2 from Volo Performance and see where my miliage goes with it on my Tahoe. My question is has anybody tried this with the Revolution system and how does it perform, and is it reliable?

Mike Tanner

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Hi Mike,

The FS2 HHO Chip is what we recommend first now. We wanted to get some feedback and test the product ourselves.

We see about an 85% success rate with the FS2 chip.

It is a lot easier than installing the EFIE and or MAP sensor enhancer, it only take about 15 minutes to install.

For fuel injected engines, it would be a lot easier for the hydrogen on demand movement if dialing in the vehicle's computer wasn't so different on every vehicle.

Unfortunately, you have to experiment a little. There is a 30 day money back guarantee now on the FS2 HHO chips and for $25.00 they can bee reprogrammed for another vehicle.

Thanks for your business.

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