motor oil

by joe
(cleveland, ohio)

if the byproduct of hho gas is water, where does the water go. Does it not leak past the piston rings and into your engine oil? This seems bad to me.

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by: granmar

Most people think of water as a liquid! When HHO is input to an ICE, the result of burning hydrogen in oxygen is H2O! But… in what form? If your HHO causes the gases to burn for an instant at 2,800 degrees, any "water" is going to be super-heated steam, but as water, itself, cannot exist in its liquid form (on earth, in our atmosphere) at temperatures greater than 100° C or 212° F, it escapes as an exhaust gas, and does a little bit of steam-cleaning on the through. It also helps to cool the average engine running temperature slightly. So, with all that is going on, the water is beneficial in more ways that one, plus the country-side loves you - almost no measurable emissions from your exhaust.

Believe me, if HHO gas (which produces water, when burned in an HHO assisted fossil-fuelled engine) was damaging, it would have be immediately outlawed! It has the OPPOSITE effect - ALL BENEFITS!

Relax and enjoy!

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