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what is the best thing to use in a fuel cell to keep from freezing?

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by: granmar

what is the best thing to use in a fuel cell to keep from freezing?

I live in Moscow and use a Dry Cell capable of up to 4 LPM production. My engine (2002 VW Bora 2-liter gasoline 4-cyl) needs about 1LPM to 1.3LPM HHO.

Today, as I write, the temperature is -21°C or -5.8°F. That is COLD! My reservoir is frozen, but my HHO generator thaws within a few seconds of working, there fore providing HHO gas. Naturally, there is heat created and the resulting gas and hot liquid is passed throughout the tubing back into the reservoir BEFORE it leaves the reservoir to go through the bubbler and into the air intake system. I have all my tubing running more vertical than horizontal, resulting in fluid-free tubing - ergo, no freezing there!

My reservoir will thaw after about 15-20 minutes if I let the car warm up.

With temperatures only round -10°C or 14°F the reservoir on my car does not freeze! The NAOH (which I use) or KOH lowers the freezing point considerably. If you have a larger engine than I have, then the electrolyte would have an even LOWER freezing point, as you would need greater production, therefore, a more concentrated electrolyte.

Hope this helps
by: Response From

The best catalyst to use to keep your hydrogen generator from freezing is potassium hydroxide.

The amount you can use which help decipher the freezing point depends on the efficiency of your hho system.

Our systems can go to -54 Degrees Fahrenheit or - 47 Celsius.

Thanks for sharing your question.

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