Generator Blowing Fuses

Why does my home made generator get hot and trip 30 amp fuses?

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Blowing Fuses
by: Terry Jackson

Also it could be that your cell is just too large and is drawing over the 30 amp fuse rating. Terry Jackson, Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Certified Technician.Member C.E.A.S.A. Canadian Electronic and Appliance Service Association.

Generator Blowing Fuses ?
by: Terry Jackson {Oakville,Ontario,Canada.

The possible reasons you may be blowing fuses are,Your generator cell is shorting out, your amperage draw is more than your fuse, you are using poor quality fuses,there,s a differnt problem in your switches or wiring,Hope this helps , all the best to all. Terry Jackson,Oakville,Ontario,Canada. Certified Technician. C.E.A.S.A.Member Canadian electronic And Appliance Service Association . since 1993

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