Lack of improvement

by Fred Cucksey
(Oakland Calif.)

I installed a system a month ago and have not noticed any improvement with 5 tankfuls of fuel, 4 of them on a long trip. Which of your accessories should I start adding first?

This is a 1998 Infiniti 130 with a 300L engine and only 125,000 Mi.
#2 Do you have any distribution in this area? Or tech. help?

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Response From
by: Hydrogen Water Cars

In my opinion I would get a FS2 HHO Chip, they are easy to install and we have good feedback from our customers. We will program it specifically for your vehicle.

The other options are MAP Sensor Enhancer (or MAF) and an EFIE. Or you may get the MPG you want withe just one or the other? Every vehicle is different. You may have to experiment.

You don't say much about your system, so I will assume it is an efficient one and all of your hoses are tight.

As far as technical support you can always call us.

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