hydrogen kit for a yacht

by ted

dear sir

I have a customer asking me if it possible to fix on his yacht the Hydrogen kit. The yacht has two 1200 hp detroit diesel V 12 engine.
I would like to know if that could give him saving in fuel and what would be the cost for the two kits.

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Hello Ted,

We determine which kit best fits an engine by the size of the engine.

Up to 8 liters or 8000cc then you want the

Up to 12 liters or 12000cc - the D-12 Kit.

Over 12 liters - the Quad Stack or Q-12.

If you want to contact us directly and tell us the engine size and let us know if it is 12v or 24v we can help figure out what you want. Also include a shipping address and I can include shipping costs.

Besides the MPG gains it is also DRASTICALLY cuts down on the emissions, which is the main reason people get "sea sick."

Thank You,
Tracey Varble

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