hydrogen filter / bubler - what is the difference?

by Jerry
(Gaston, Oregon)

not sure how to ask... been trying to research hydrogen assist kits... there are many out there. some use bubblers... some use filters and some have back flash arresters. I am trying to understand why one way or the other and why some say one or the other is not needed?

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We have been in business since Jan 2008, when we started we created a bubbler that we used in our hydrogen kits.

For years now all of our HHO Kits come with HHO Dryer(s). It acts as a spark arrestor and also filters the contaminants.

Our bubblers will clean the Contaminants also but you will need a check valve and they would go right before the dryer (if using one also) otherwise right before the air intake. We sell them because our customers doing their own HHO projects love the design of our bubblers.

Hope that helps!

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