MAP/MAF Sensor Enhancer 1996 ford ranger 2.3

by Bill
(Lock Haven)

What 3 wires do i use to hook up a MAP/MAF Sensor Enhancer to my 1996 ford ranger 2.3

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For your Ford Ranger 1996 you would need the Universal Frequency MAP Sensor enhancer.

Please know that we can program the FS2 HHO chip for your vehicle, so that is another option for you.

The universal can be used for analog and frequency applications. Ford's are frequency based.

First you will need to find your signal wire.
One will by 5 volts, which powers the device and is supplied by the ECU. One will be ground, or 0 volts. So if you measure the 3 wires, just eliminate the 5 volt wire and the 0 volt wire, and the remaining wire is the signal wire.

This is slightly complicated by the fact that many MAF sensors today also include an Intake Air Temperature sensor in the same housing. In this case you'll have 5 wires going to the sensor. But it's OK, it's easy to find the correct wires you need. The temp sensor will have a ground wire and a signal wire. The signal wire will be up near 5 volts when the sensor is cold, but as it heats up that voltage gets lower.

But a temp sensor's voltage will not change when you goose the engine, and that's how you can tell the difference. Also, if you unplug the sensor, and measure the signal wire on the computer side, it will read 5 volts.

Thanks for sharing your question.

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