problem in 1-2 lpm production

by rajesh

Sir I want 1-2 lpm hho drom my drycell but even at 300ml per min. it takes 30 amps current or otherwise it heats a lot on more amps. More amps, more hho production. But we cant take more amps from a 1-1.5 litre engine. plz help how I can increase hho production to 1-2 ltrs without effecting the wiring & alternator of the car. more we use KOH more amps & more heat.

My drycell plate size is 5.5"X4.5" & its configuration is
plz help & thanks a lot in advance. many regards,
my mail id is &


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use PWM
by: Anonymous

You can control the amp./heat by using PWM
by: Response From


You cannot increase the HHO gas production without increasing your amps.

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