1999 Honda Odyssey LX, can i run them together???

by James H.
(Siloam Springs, Arkansas)

I have the EFIE V041, MAP and MAF Enhancers. CTS, IAC, all hooked up. I'm using a 21 plate 3x7in Dry cell16 gauge 316L Generator 20 amps at 1.9 lpm. 35 to 38 mpg. Can I add the VOLO FS2 HHO Chip to aid in the functioning of the system. My Van was getting 17 to 23 before the install. I do have a PWM on my Cell. I still get check Engine lights. I have good Scan tools and all is very close to where all the successful stories seem to be setting theirs to. I will appreciate any positive or negative info. Or tips to gain MPG.. I'm already hooked on HHO.

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