Chip, MAP or EFIE ?

by Razmick
(London, UK)

Hi,I have a car used in United Kingdom, Nissan Almera S, Petrol 1.5 letres, Made in Year 2000. I have already purchased the HHO generator and PWN but I am not sure if I need a MAP/MAF sensor or an EFIE, Do I need adjustable unit with knob or a do I need a chip ?

Finally what will be the price and shipping to a UK address and Shipping to US address, I could do either address.

Many Thanks


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More info required
by: Razmick

Hi Thanks for your comments but I only need MAP or EFIE not the whole kit, so I would appreciate a price for MAP and EFIE including p&p to UK or US address

From what I read both MAP or EFIE do almost the same thing so why would I need both devices to tell my car computer/ECU to adjust the signal.
Dont both devices instruct the computer to reduce the votage signal ?

Just need to know what to order MAP/MAF or EFIE

Also not sure if my car has got MAP or MAF, how can I find this out ? This is again for a Nissan Almera S 2000 model, petrol engine, 1.5 liters.
by: Response From

Hi Razmick,

For your Nissan Amsera the S-7 kit is the one you want I would get both the MAP Sensor Enhancer and the quad digital EFIE. We cannot program a chip for that vehicle.

The shipping for a US address will be approximately 20-28 US dollars. To the Uk I will be approx. $95. If you want to contact us directly with your shipping address I can email you a quote.

Thank You

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