I have enjoyed reading your answers to these common questions. Can I ask three questions please?

1) what connectors do you typically use to pipe the hho gas from your bubbled / reservoir into the cars air intake system?

2) where do you typically add the connections for hho installations in the air filter box or further along?

3) do you typically use flashback arrestors in your installations for safety and which ones do you favor?

4) when your installers pipe the hho gas into the air intake system for say a 2l diesel engine what stops the hho gas igniting back over and exploding the air intake channel? Is it the natural action of the engines valves / timing coupled with the vacuum effect of the engine running?

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1- To introduce the HHO gas into your engine we use a Polypropylene Barbed Elbow 1/4" NPT.

2 - Hydrogen injection is usually done at the air filter.

3 - No, we use dyers and bubblers. Depending on engine size, on our semi truck units we use 2 large dryers before HHO gas in.

4 - Most modern vehicles within the last 2 years don't backfire.

Hope this helps - Thanks

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