Isuzu Rodeo v6 3.2L complete kit

by yuval

please advise me for a complete hydrogen kit for my car, notice that i am out of states, located in Israel.

probably ill have to do the installation by myself, and i do want all you have to suggest me, in order to maximize my benefits out of this improvement unit to my car.
best regards
Owner of Isuzu v6 3.2L gasoline 2004 (made in usa)

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Response From

Hi Yuval,

The right kit for your Isuzu vehicle is the S-7 Hydrogen Generator
and I recommend the HHO Chip Bundle for your enhancement.

Most of our customers do their own installs, but some will take our
instructions to their mechanic, should take about an hour.
We are happy to help by phone or email also.

Feel free to email us to order or for more information:

Phone: 541-808-2503

Thank You

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