Replace the contents

by Marc
(Miami Florida)

Hi, how often do i have to completely replace the water in my HHO system, because after a month of use the water turns really brown?

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Hi Marc,

Well it would help if I knew:

What type of catayst you are using?
How old is your generator?
How Many miles do you drive a month?
What climate you drive in?
What size is your engine?
What kind of Generator you have?

I hope your not using baking soda. If you are you should switch to Potassium Hydroxide.

Some HHO Generators at first will be dirty because of the impurities in the Stainless Steel.

Flush your HHO cell with water and then let it sit in distilled vinegar for 24 hours, then flush with Distilled Water well and start with a fresh batch.

Thank you for sharing your HHO Gas question.

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