HHO on Preformance

by Billstang

How will HHO preform in an OBD 1 system on a Hi Performance Vehicle? Like a 89 Mustang 5.0L running 12sec. in 1/4 mile.

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performance with OBD1
by: granmar

I cannot say that you will get super performance because I have never installed an HHO system into a vehicle as you describe, but, as already proven over many decades, with EVERY type of ICE (Int. Comb. Eng.) HHO gas ortho-hydrogen (not to be confused with H2—para-Hydrogen) has specific properties which enhance the combustion of fossil fuels, meaning that it is about 3.5 times more combustible, consequently, there is every probability of improving your performance from a few percentage points up, but also quieting the engine, making it smoother running, with more torque, as well as being cooler, with an increase in horsepower. The AMOUNTS of these benefits depend upon how well your vehicle's engine is tuned to start with. If correctly tuned, you should see quite good results.

HHO gas (2 hydrogens and 1 oxygen) IMPROVES combustibly and that itself is a big plus!

Other than the cost of purchasing an HHO system from any reputable company, your only worry should about the AMOUNT of improvement! Not IF it will improve!

I hope this dispels your doubts.

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by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com


Adding HHO gas to any engine will increase your horsepower and better your fuel mileage.

Thank for sharing your question.

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