The D-7
Hydrogen Kit

The D-7 Hydrogen Kit is built for engines up to 6 liters.

12 and 24 Volt

Hydrogen Car Kit

Everything you need except distilled water and your KOH for your catayst solution.

Easy To Install

Works On All Engines
Gas or Diesel
(Except Hybrids)

Choices Below Depending On Your Vehicle

OBD1, OBD2 & Carburetor Engines

Befor You Order

We want to answer any questions & concerns you may have & let you know what the lead time will be.


Please let us know your Year, Make, Model & Liter Size.

We can send an invoice when you are ready, where you can easily pay securely with any credit card.

Thank you for your patience.

Hydrogen Generators USA
For OBD2 Vehicles

1996 & Newer

3 Choices For OBD2 Vehicles

FS2 Chip, VP15 or VP16 Volo Chips

FS2 Chip

volo performance chip
  • Dynamic Soft Flashing
  • Made Specifically To Run With HHO Gas.
  • We Program For You - Available For Most Vehicles
  • Please Click Here To Read More about Volo Chip FS2.

  • D-7 Hydrogen Kit with FS2 Chip


    VP15 Chip

    volo performance chip
    • Easy Plug N Play
    • V-Link Software
    • Program For Any Vehicle
    • Please Click Here To Read More about Volo Chip VP15.

    • D-7 Hydrogen Kit with VP15 Chip


      VP16 Chip

      volo performance chip
      • Touch Screen Windshield Mount
      • V-Link Software
      • Customizable
      • Diagnostic Tools
      • Please Click Here To Read More About Volo Chip VP16...

      • D-7 Hydrogen Car Kit with VP16 Chip


        Hydrogen Water Cars

        D-7 Hydrogen Kit

        For Carburetor Engines


        Hydrogen Water Cars

        D-7 Hydrogen Kit with EFIE MAP Combo

        For OBD1 Vehicles
        1995 & Older
        efie map combo

        Please let us know your Year, Make & Model so we can send wideband or narrowband for your oxygen sensors.

        We also have an option for diesels. If you have any questions please send us an email to

        D-7 Hydrogen Generator Kit with EFIE MAP Combo


        Hydrogen Water Cars

        The D-7 Hydrogen Generator

        Housing is made from 3/4" marine grade Starboard polyethylene which will last a lifetime under normal usage. There are 7 plates made of 316L stainless steel.

        Produces up to 2 LPM. The amp efficiency calculation of this generator is 13 amps for 1 LPM.
        Hydrogen Car Kit

        Mounting brackets attached making installation easy. The mounting tabs are included in the dimensions: 7" x 7" x 4"

        Comes with custom HHO dryer that is approximately 6" tall, it is installed right before your air intake.

        This hydrogen car kit comes with easy to read instructions and colorful diagrams, and of course we are here to offer you technical support by email or phone (if needed).

        HHO PWM and LCD Controller

        More Than Just A Pulse Width Modulator

        hho pwm
        Top notch electronics is one of the many reasons why are are kits are A+.

        The digital display is installed in the cab of your vehicle.

        Where you can control your entire hydrogen on demand system.

        From this remote display you will have a continuous read out to see:

        • Amps
        • Voltage
        • Duty Cycle
        • Frequency

        A switch on the LCD display allows you to turn the hydrogen generator off.

        It also has a safety shut-off with 2 ways to detect when the engine isn't running shutting the HHO system down.
        This is a very important safety feature that should never be over-looked.
        hho pwm

        The HHO PWM will allow you to have control over the maximum current that you want to run for best gas mileage performance.

        This is a constant current PWM which is almost certainly one of the most vital jobs a Pulse Width Modulator performs. The majority of PWMs sold with other hydrogen kits are not constant current.

        The PWM simply mounts under your hood.

        Please see our PWM HHO page to see videos on LCD Functions and to learn more about PWMs.

        Hydrogen Water Cars
        Freezing Point Hydrogen Generator

        Our Hydrogen Car Kit Will Not Freeze

        Because of our design and electronics, our hydrogen generators will not freeze up to minus 54 Degrees Fahrenheit or -47 Celsius.
        Please visit our Hydrogen Generator Catalyst page for more information and video on mixing your catalyst.

        Choices For HHO Computer Enhancement

        If your vehicle is fuel injected and has a computer you will need enhancement to see an increase in MPG.

        Please see hydrogen car conversion to understand this better.

        Carburetor engines will not need any enhancement.

        Hydrogen Water Cars

        The D-7
        What's In Your Hydrogen Kit?

        • The D-7 Cell
        • HHO PWM with LCD Display Controller
        • 1.5 Quart Reservoir Tank
        • Finger Grip Nylon Reservoir Cap
        • HHO Dryer
        • 12' Reinforced Heavy Duty Fuel Hose 3/8"
        • Barbed Elbow For Air Intake 1/4" NPT
        • Drain Valve
        • 12' of Red Automotive Wire
        • 12' of Black Automotive Wire
        • Electrical Kit: Connectors, Circuit Breaker etc.
        • Mounting screws for D-7 Cell, PWM and LCD Display
        • Easy To Understand Installation Instructions


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