Dual Edge MAP Sensor Enhancer Kit

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MAP Sensor Enahancer Kit

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The Project Box Has Been Pre-Drilled For You

Complete instructions with an easy to read wiring diagram for soldering and installation.

We show you how to wire it to shut your hydrogen generator off with the rocker switch. This is an important HHO Safety feature, all of Our units are built this way.

Customize Your Own Label!

We will include one of our discontinued label styles while supplies last.

Learn more about your vehicle's computer and Hydrogen On Demand On Our Hydrogen Car Conversion page.

1 Project Box

4.7 L x 2.6 W x 1.6 H Black GB ABS

2 Potentiometers

Panel Mount 50K OHM ALPHA 24mm Solder Lugs

Linear Taper With Knurled Shaft

2 Knobs

Black Plastic With Spun Aluminum Inlay

White Indicator Line

1 Toggle Switch On-On SPDT

1 Rocker Switch On-On SPDT

2 - 33k Resistors

Electrical Wire

Everything You Need Except The Soldering Gun!

*You Will Need To Drill A Hole Where You Want Your Wires To Exit Out Of The Box

Want One Thats Ready To Install?

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