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This vehicle has a 1.3 liter 4 cylinder engine, I believe, but you can double check. I've been told it has an air fuel sensor, or AFR upstream of the catalytic converter, and another of some sort beyond it which I an not sure of. So, I guess this would make it broad band. If the gas engine gets better mileage, does this throw off the electric engine and cause more problems than with a gas only vehicle? It's already a hybrid of sorts. It looks as if I should buy the EFIE for wide band at 69.00. Will it address all of the concerns of a hybrid engine, or are there other issues?

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The fuel mileage improvement should be proportional. There's no conflict because of the electric assist. When the engine runs, it will be made more efficient by HHO, the same as if there were no electric assist.
We don't have alot of feedback from hybrid owners. If I recall correctly one of them was up to 80 mpg. But note, he treated both the upstream and downstream sensors, and with this Honda, I recommend you do the same.

I would also discourage you from the idea of having the EFIE be controllable while driving. You want to adjust them between tankfuls - and give them a tweak each time. Once you maximize your mileage, you're done. You can't tune an EFIE "by ear", so controlling it while driving can at best be used to get the first rough approximate setting. But you can also do that while the engine idles.

Unfortunately my data base does not list your vehicle. You may want to
try calling your local dealership.

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