2005 Toyota Camry SE 2.4

by Vince

Comments: 87 octane, 4 cylinder, 80k miles, 25 mpg (mixed driving). Looking for a complete kit. What is the conservative increase % in mpg? By the way I like your website more than most others.


Comments for 2005 Toyota Camry SE 2.4

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by: Hydrogen Water Cars

Thanks for website compliment. I can't see you getting any less than 25% on MPG savings. Alot of our customers see alot more. Patience with the enhancers and getting them dialed in correctly is very important. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it takes more work.

Your Toyota Rav 4 has an AFR sensor (wide band) upstream of your catalytic converter,
and 1 narrow band O2 sensor downstream of your catalytic converter so our new singe Wide Band EFIE Combo Packs would work for you.

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