2005 Dodge Durango

by Larry Zellner
(New Whiteland, IN)

Hemi 5.7L gas engine. I have installed a computer chip that alters air flow mixture..after about 100 miles, the check engine light comes on from the O2 sensor reading a different burn. I suspect the computer then tells the injectors to put more fuel in to compensate?? Have been disconnecting battery post to reset light every 100 miles. Will your EFIE work to over ride my O2 sensor issue as it does for the hydrogen kits?

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EFIE and Answer To HHO Question
by: Hydrogen Water Cars

Hi Larry,

The Dodge needs a Quad Digital EFIE Basic. They have a twin exhaust and single exhaust option. The twin exhaust has 2 downstream sensors and the single has 1 downstream sensor. They all have 2 upstream sensors. So they have 3 or 4 sensors depending on which exhaust. Either way, the Quad is the correct device.

The way I read your question, you are not using HHO gas, if this is the case you run the risk of burning up your valves.

Thanks, Tracey

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