2004 Chevy Colorado

by Jonathan Kalasinski
(Scranton, PA USA)


I am looking for information that what size generator I would next (output) of hydrogen. I am also looking for information of what size water tank I should use and how long the water lasts before a refill. What would I need to install a complete kit.


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Hydrogen Water Cars
by: Reponse From

Hi John,

Sorry it took so long, we just relocated.

Concerning your hho reservoir, a 2 quart will probably be enough. I would check it every time you fill with fuel. I would install our Revolution on this vehicle. It will produce more than enough hydrogen. Also in PA I know it can get cold, the Revolution doesn't freeze until -54 D.F.

If you don't purchase one from us, make sure they are measuring hho gas and not steam. If they are using a measuring device, it needs to be made just for hho gas. There are also different types of hho gas. Most generators on the market produce monotonic hydrogen.

Your Oxygen Sensors
You have 1 narrow band sensor upstream of your catalytic converter and 1 narrow band sensor downstream of your catalytic converter.

Consider the ?Quad Digital EFIE? in these cases because it has the superior digital circuitry and it?s the most flexible if ever used on
another vehicle.


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