2002 Ford E150, Basic, Cargo Van


4,2L V6,

I would like to know your recommendations for a complete HHO system. I am first having my 60,000 Mi Maintenance done, putting in performance spark plugs, performance air filter and oil filter and synthetic oil as recommended by my certified mechanic.

I am looking into no flat tires also and increasing air into the air intake system, via electric fan.

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Your Answer on HHO System & EFIE Info
by: Hydrogen Water Cars

Hi Jim,

Your engine size is borderline for our 2 HHO generators. Either would be enough HHO gas, so let me explain the biggest difference between them.

The Revolution is a 6 cell completely isolated and is designed to be more efficient, starts to freeze at -54 degrees.
The Nebulyzer is partially isolated 6 cell and if freezing is an issue you will need to run a PWM with the Nebulyzer so you can run the higher level of potassium hydroxide without seeing the amps climb.

The Revolution does not climb in amps!
Please feel free to call or email with any more questions. hho@hydrogen-generators-usa.com or 541-756-7050
EFIE Information
As for your efie needed - You have 2 narrow band sensors upstream of your catalytic converter so
one of our dual narrow band EFIE?s would work. We recommend the ?Quad Digital? because it has the
superior digital circuitry and it?s the most flexible if ever used on
a second vehicle.

Thanks - Tracey

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