2001 Ford f150 5.4 Triton

by Bruce

2001 Ford f150 5.4 Triton

I was told I have four o2 sensors two before the conv. and two after.is it true I only need to be concerned about the two before the conv?

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Your EFIE Information
by: Hydrogen Water Cars

Hi Bruce,
Great question.

In the past we have recommended that you treat all of the upstream sensors, but not the downstream sensors. We have since revised that recommendation. We now recommend that you treat all oxygen sensors regardless of whether they are upstream or downstream. Many manufacturers are now using the downstream sensors in their air/fuel calculations, and others are using them to check the function of the upstream sensors, causing odd trouble lights and poor mileage gains.

You have 1 narrow band sensor upstream of your catalytic converter so one of our single narrow band EFIE?s is what would work.

We recommend or new ?Quad Digital EFIE Basic? to work with any narrow band sensor configuration.

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