2001 Ford Explorer Sporttrac

by James Mercier
(Anna, Texas, USA)

V6 4.0 SOHC. I have 3 o2 sensors, 2 pre-converter and 1 poat. Do I need controllers for all sensors? I am adding HHO and do not want to burn up the converter or engine.

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Hydrogen Water Cars
by: Response From

For you Ford 2001 Sporttrac;
You have 2 narrow band sensors upstream of your catalytic converter so one of our dual narrow band EFIE's will work. However, I would install the digital EFIE for it superiority and you can also use it on another vehicle in the future. (Unless it has wide band oxygen sensors)

Your Ford has a frequency based MAP/MAF, so if you are installing a MAF or MAP Sensor Enhancer also, you will need our new frequency based map sensor enhancer.

Alternatively; you may want to try a hho chip instead of the EFFIE or MAP/MAF, we are seeing about an 80% success rate and they are pre-set for your specific vehicle.

We carry all of these items on our website. Hope this helps with your hydrogen sytem.

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