2000 Volkswagan Golf IV

by Johnny

2000 Volkswagan Golf IV with 1400cc

Johnny from Greece

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6 sensor cables
by: johnny from geece

Hello again, I have checked my sensor and it has 6 cables,also there isn't any other sensor installed in car.
My car as I described before is a 1400cc VW GOLFIV and runs on gasoline as fuel.
So wich EFIE do you suggest me to buy and how I install it? Can you send me a diagram?
Thanks for the responding!

Your EFIE Information
by: Hydrogen Water Cars

Gettting back to you on information you requested for your o2 sensors.
I can't find a 1.4L but if it is the 1.8L you have 1 narrow band sensor
upstream of your catalytic converter so one of our single narrow band
EFIE?s is what would work. We usually still recommend the ?Quad Digital
EFIE? in these cases because it has the superior digital circuitry and
it?s the most flexible if ever used on another vehicle.

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