1994 Plymouth Voyager

by Christian
(Minden, NV)

I have the V6 3L engine in my van I am not completely sure what type of sensor this vehicle need. What other equipment would this car need to run good with a hydrogen generator? hopefully you can help. thank you!

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by: Response From

Hi Christian,
Besides the EFIE for your oxygen sensors, you will probably also want a MAP/MAF Sensor Enhancer for your Mass Airflow Sensor or Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor, you may have both. If so,I would experiment with one and then the other.

Besides a truly efficient generator the other important things for your hydrogen kit. A bubbler (and maybe a dryer) to keep catatlyst out of your engine and for flashback prevention. Wire it so it on ONLY when your engine is running. Keep all hose connections TIGHT, don't loose your hho gas.

Your EFIE Info;
You have 1 narrow band sensor upstream of your catalytic converter so one our single narrow band EFIE?s would work.
Still we recommend the ?Quad Digital EFIE? in these cases because it has the superior digital circuitry and it?s the most flexible if ever used on another vehicle.

THank You

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