1988 Ford Bronco 2 with a 2.9 L, V6

by Walter H. Eason
(Anza, California, USA)

I have only one oxygen sensor upstream just after y before cat none after cat. This is a California truck smog tag and unit do not need a EGR valve. I have a Hydrogen system installed and am losing about 5 MPG. which EFIE unit would be best and is there an map enhancer also that would work also for this unit. Not sure if it is frequency or voltage controled.

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Hydrogen Water Cars
by: Reponse From

You do have a frequency based MAP sensor

The database is showong the following? Either way I would get the Quad digital EFIE.

You have 2 narrow band sensors upstream of your catalytic converter and 2 narrow band sensors downstream of your catalytic converter.

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