1986 Ford Taurus

by Gary
(Newalla, OK)

3.0 Liter v-6 I've found a procedure for conditioning generator plates, adjusting generator electrolyte concentration..but did not flag it and as I am approaching start of assembly of my generator, I would appreciate any information on this procedure..I understand the basic procedure. One article had a lot of nitty gritty detail for the one week of conditioning. Thank you, I do like your site, as you are willing to help newbies. Gary F

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Hydrogen Water Cars
by: Response From

Hi Gary,

Oxygen sensors on your Ford Tauras 1986, you have 1 narrow band sensor upstream of your catalytic converter so
one our single narrow band EFIE?s would work.

We usually recommend the
?Quad Digital EFIE? in these cases because it has the superior digital circuitry and it?s the most flexible if ever used on another vehicle.

I am answering your plate conditioning question in our FAQ portion of the website.

Thanks - Hydrogen Water Cars

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