1985 Chevrolet G20 Sportvan

by Tony K

V8 5.0 liter. My van has a carburetor setup, will I still need a EFIE unit and if so what would you recommend?

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Okay I did some researching on your vehicle. I was surprised to find out that you do have 1 narrow band with your carburetor engine. Your ECM does send a signal to meter the air fuel ratio. So, I believe the you will need a single EFIE.

I am thinking your vehicle lies in a transitional period from carburetor to fuel injection.

Your vehicle also has a MAP senso and a MAF sensor,so I would definitely install a MAP/MAF Sensor enhancer with your hydrogen generator. Which one you should wire into is something you will have to experiment with. Usually we suggest the MAF sensor someone has both, however this is not always the best set up.

I hope this answers your questions. Let us know how it turns out.

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